like a volcano made up of eruptive elements

I quickly realized that you were too

a beautiful wonder to admire

but dangerous if I got too close

I always have to ask what kind of mood you are in

so nothing I said could make you emit your painful ashes

and as much as I would’ve loved to explore you for a lifetime

I quickly realized you were ignited by my love

and I couldn’t stand by to be burned anymore.

by magdagonzy

Hi there! I’m Magda. A 26 year old, mama to be, God-fearing Mexican woman. I work in the digital and marketing space where I let my creativity do it’s thing. My love for writing has been in the dark for a while, and I’m not sure if it’s the baby or what but I’m finally getting the courage to share some of my pieces.

I hope you enjoy and I’m happy to connect! ✨

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