I believe that this body,

this life,

is just part of a collection.

For deep within my heart,

my soul,

lives no hint of objection.

How could so much learning,

so much living,

be achieved in one lifetime?

For years pass by in a blink,

a second,

as permanent as sunshine.

The artists and the architects,

the poets,

never cease to endeavor.

For masterpieces and monuments,

and poems,

will live to see forever.

If you or I can make something


something eternal,

then you and I are too, everlasting.

You and I are too, eternal.

by Brianna Magner

Hi there, I’m Bri! I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite fit in throughout my life, as if I wasn’t meant to be defined or labeled or be put into a box. When I started writing, whether poetry or prose, I found it pouring out of me into rhyme schemes and well-versed metaphors and alluring alliteration. My life is sometimes messy and complicating, but it’s mine. Welcome to the poetry of a moth. x


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