Explaining Sadness

How do you explain sadness

When it has no roots

When it’s scattered itself across the

Ruins of your heart and made its home there


Twisted vines and fragile buds poking through that Scream for love


How do you explain sadness on a Friday night

When your eyes should be filled with love

And your heart with passion 

But your emotions feel muffled 


Screaming heart saying please

Don’t forget that you have loved here and

That person still resides


How do you explain sadness? 

Should I call it a part of me ,

Embedded in my skin,

Stuck in my brain, 

Here even when I wish that it were not


Should I explain it as a loud night , a too quiet summer, a jumbled puzzle?


Or should I not explain it at all, 

after all,

Explaining sadness will never make it go away…

by chamera

I write. I read. I post pictures of books on the interwebs and I’m a dork. I love poetry and music and I believe writing is the truest form of catharsis. Follow me on IG @mirrormera92. View my published work on Amazon.com.

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