Eye of the Beholder

Why can’t I see what you see?

Beauty takes the eyes of the beholder and rips them out
Blind and unyielding,
I dream of a world without reflections.

Am I beautiful now?

My reflection mirrors a stranger,
Who are you? Why do you look so sad?
With no response, my reflection just makes me mad.

Why am I mad?

Lost in a never-ending battle of the mind,
and the physical plane to which it manipulates.
Trying to convince, beauty is what’s inside.

Why don’t I praise how amazing I am instead of hating how I look?

As a person, I am caring and kind,
As a thinker, I am curious and wanting,
As a doer, I am adventurous and eager.

I am more than this reflection,
I am more than what can be seen.

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by alexhooker

I'm originally from Maryland now working as a Post Producer in Los Angeles.
Writing has always been a passion of mine and something I've always done for myself and recently I've gotten into sharing it. Along with writing my passions include traveling, backpacking, and spending time with my friends.

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