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Eye See.

As I fall out of love with another being and fall deeper into all that I am.

“I can’t help but wonder”, a classic statement from Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

I wonder more now than I ever have in life.

So many thoughts, so little time.

This thought though is a gentle one.

It’s a constant, lingering thought.

How do I fall?

We are all interconnected. We often just do not like to take notice of such an important fact.

But how am I connecting? How am I bonding? How am I falling?

At 28, I am more reflective and introspective, now, more than ever. I am asking myself the hard questions. The why’s.

This way is a constant, lingering question.

What makes me fall for someone?

Most will say the attraction or just the overall appearance of someone. Some may even say a vibe or feeling that get.

For me, it’s the eyes.

The eyes share the same tunnel as the soul.

When you look purposefully and with intention, you can study an individual.

You can see their core, their genetic makeup, their shell.

Eye contact is imperative in many instances. Job interviews, hard conversations, initial attraction.

The lingering and constant thought had now met me at the finish line with my conclusion.

It’s the eyes for me.

Eye contact, so simple but so grand. When you are connecting to what’s in the tunnel you get a more vivid insight into that being.

You see them, not for the exterior but you see the core.

And honey, if you can connect me to your core. you got me. 

I fall for the eyes, the tunnel, the soul, the truth.

How do you fall?

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by hoodo

I am currently putting my energy into myself while studying for the bar exam, and completing my first book. My favorite thing to write about is current events, my life or what is going on around me. Writing affects my mental health greatly as it is the best outlet! Writing puts me in a good zen-like mood. Harness empowers me as a woman because it is a no judgement, free flowing publishing platform just for women. It's a home, in a sense that you can feel comfortable as well as go to Instagram and find inspirational and self-care tips.


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