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How Failure Can Lead You To Your Life’s Purpose

Life is about more than what happens to you, it’s about what you can do about what happens to you.

We get so consumed with the everyday grind that it’s easy to forget the essence of what life is about.  Living our purpose.

You can do this by honoring the gifts, skills, and passions that you were given – the very seeds planted inside of you to blossom, nurture, and share with the world.  Because when you use your natural gifts, skills and passion you not only begin to serve the Universes’ purpose, you begin to serve your own.

Part of honoring your gifts, skills, and passions is looking at your failures and accepting them graciously knowing they are there to help you go towards what is right.

Failure is there to give you clues about your greatness – about your purpose.

Failures are nothing but breadcrumbs that lead us to exactly where we need to be, doing exactly what we are called here to do.  Here are some ways you can begin to see the gifts that failure has brought to you:

  1. Failure has a North Star

When we fail on the outside, we win on the inside because we get to take something away that is much more valuable than what we attended to achieve.  When we fail we get a chance to see, not just what we are great at, but what we excel at during times of adversity.  We get a chance to see what makes us hungry.  We get the chance to want to try harder – to prove something to ourselves.  We only fail because it helps us get to the next platform in life.

One of the most important aspects to take away from failure is to ask yourself…what did you learn about yourself during the process of failure?  For example, did you learn that you are courageous, ingenious, tenacious? Traits are important because these are what you build off of and will help you obtain anything you want in life.  Because that very trait you discovered you have, you’re going to need it when you begin to perform your life’s work.

2. For the love of failure

During the process of failure, keep in mind that whatever it was you were aiming to do, there was something you must have loved or else you would have quit before it was over.

What you love, is also a gift because it gives you a hint about what you are meant to do.  Use what you love and merge with what you are already great at.  Often times those who do what they love feel they are in alignment with their purpose.  What you love is an indication of the work you need to be doing.

Ask yourself what you enjoyed most about the process, and if what you enjoyed can be used to enhance other areas of your life because your life’s work includes what you love.

  1. It’s a numbers game

The more you fail the better.  The law of averages says you have to go through so many ‘no’s’ to get a yes.  Let yourself experiment, and be okay with failing because it’s a part of the process.  Be proud to fail because it means you tried; it means you’re a step closer to reaching your greatness.  It means you learned something new that others have not, and cannot learn from because they failed to even try.

Give yourself at least 15 minutes out of the day and reflect on what failure made you realize you have inside of you, and what you loved about the process.  Write your findings down in your journal, Ever Note app, or Google Docs while expressing, and feeling gratitude for being able to see what failure has given you, opposed to what it has taken from you.

After you take the time to answers the question down given in numbers 1-3, review all of your answers.  After, step away from your answers for a day or two.  Once you return to your answers, start pointing out any common denominators or seeing how your answers can be a good “fit” for current or new life roles.  (career roles, hobbies, volunteer work etc.)

Remember, failure is just a blessing in disguise.  People who have achieved greatness in life speak of multiple failure as if it where their masterpiece, because often times – it is.

The term failure in the minds of those who accomplished great things say failure is a must.  You cannot get to where you want if you don’t fail, because then you have just left it up to pure chance.  Failures are an achiever’s favorite antidote – it’s about creating a portrait pulling from the variety of color they have learned from each failure, but what they do is they use it to make their final masterpiece, and so can you.

Brighten your day.


Author: Crystal
Email: crystal@crystal-mendoza.com
Author Bio: Crystal’s work provides you ideas, tools, and resources that will help you create a meaningful life by optimizing self-love, happiness, health, career satisfaction and advancement through media, curriculums, and 1:1 coaching.
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