Fall in Love with Yourself

Fall in love with yourself today.

Notice the curve of your fingers as your hand cradles your mug of tea,

the warmth spreading through your body when you take a sip.


Spend time in the mirror, staring at yourself,

which you can’t do without criticizing something,

and pick out 3 things that you love about yourself;

make those the only things you see.


Fall in love with the way your hair cascades around your shoulders,

the way your eyes are just that perfect shade, 

maybe how your lips seem to come together in a cute little smile.


Enjoy your strength today,

even if the only accomplishment you’ve made so far today is 

getting out of bed and stumbling to the bathroom;

for some people, that is a daily victory.


Fall in love with a part of you that you never really liked before;

talk to it, nurture it, tell it that you’re sorry for all the unkind words that you said to it,

and revel in the fact that without it, you might not be who you are.


Take time to go outside today,

and notice how you feel when the wind rattles the leaves on the trees,

how you make sure to take extra long, deep breaths of that fresh air

and that you don’t mind stepping in a puddle or two, because you enjoy the splash.


Fall in love with how you move down the street,

careful and yet carefree at the same time,

just happy to be alive today.


Admire how you do the little things,

hold a book, drink some tea, text your mom, even listen to your favorite song.

Drink it in and remember it, hold onto it, fall in love with it.

Because darling, no matter what, you deserve to fall in love with you over and over again.


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