Poetry is my therapy
I wouldn’t know what to say
I feel a type of way
But I drink a potion instead
To try to get out of my head
I’m trying to move ahead
Something keeps holding me back
And I feel the slack
My soul turning completely black
How do I reverse it
Maybe I deserve it
I observed it
I’ve confirmed it
But I don’t prefer it
Some days I’m with it
Some days it hits me hard
Some days I quit it
So quick to drop it all
That’s why there’s always a fall

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by glorycastillo.v

My name is Glory Castillo. I have been writing poetry since a very small age. I believe poetry is a form of art and expression. It helps me cope and it also makes me happy when other people can relate to it. Being in the health care field I understand how important it is to let your mind relax and your thoughts flow. For some people it's therapy.


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