the air would go from stagnant to invasive on one autumnal night

there was never much warning

and i would finally be covered in turtlenecks

and the trees would say and say fine i was tired anyways

and drop all the leaves they’d been balancing for months

and caterpillars disappeared because the future was different now

and the ugly birds crowed because now, now was their season

everyone is ugly in the winter they shout

it’s my favorite part i nod

and we cover ourselves in black and brown and things that look like earth

because we miss it

and grow trees in our bellies instead

letting them out at night to think

and i’m cold but i’m warm

trees grow fingers on arms to catch you as you twirl in their lost leaves

covering their feet

ready for cold




Author: Olivia Adkins
Author Bio: 21-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.
Link to social media or website: http://livunapologetically.com


by Olivia Adkins

23-year-old creator, writer, wonderer, student, avid shoe-wearer.


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