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Take Me With You

 Take me, take me where there is dark sky  

Filled with twinkling stars,

Shining and talking with each other  

 With so much light.  

Take me closer to water under the sky

Where the waves are flowing

With so much happiness that

We could hear the sound of the waves.

Take me, take me closer to you,

Dear Universe where words aren’t needed :

To communicate, to feel the love floating around,

To feel the happiness and


Take me, take me where you are, 

Take me with you that is where I belong.  



Author: Anisha K Chhetri
Email:  anishakhadka@icloud.com
Your Bio: *From Virginia.
*Native American, Nepalese.
*Freelance Photographer, Music Video Director, Editor, Script Writer.
*Love Movies, Books, Music. Foodie.
*Art Lover (Any Form of Art).
Link to social media or website:  Instagram @anishachh


by Anisha K Chhetri

*Freelance Photographer, Music Video Director, Editor, Script Writer, Poetess.
*Avid Reader, Learner. Foodie. Happiness Enthusiast.

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