Final Nectar

there! again! 

I sensed you before I saw you. 

that little flicker at the corner of my eye which keeps evading me. 

some time passes and I forget to look for you, but 

then I notice the heat on my thigh, my calf, my ankle. 

I run my fingers from my foot up to my ankle, my calf, to my thigh

in a lingering caress, retracing your trail. 


I shower. 

my hands careen over my body 

looking for the marks of your love and as I discover more, 

I remember 

and begin to search for you once more. 


you revel in my frantic search for you

but you elude me at every turn. 

it frustrates me,

drives me to the edge of insanity.

I feel your heat when I sleep, it awakens me. 

feverishly, I wake in search of you 

but you’re nowhere to be found

I hear you for a fleeting second

lips fluttering against the nape of my neck

I turn, but you’re gone.


I reach for you again and again

but I’m thwarted. 

on the brink of insanity

I swing wildly into oblivion 

which you like.

this chase

it makes you feel alive


I persist! I insist!


I chase you

hoping to catch a glimpse of you.

at last! 

I see you, feasting on the nectar in my veins. 

you’re mine!


my palms open 

revealing the Rorschach

mosquito haunting me these past few nights. 


by Cordial

I am a professional training consultant who loves sharing information with others. I enjoy reading Romantic and Victorian literature in my free time but I've been branching out to newer texts (and love it!). I use yoga, crystals, and tarot daily to set the tone for my day.

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