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Finding Your God

She stared at him from across the booth. His hair was in his eyes, making it that much harder to read him. Would this be worth her time?

“So what do you think God is like?” she asked, a total shot in the dark, hoping to gain some sort of grasp as to who this stranger was.

“What do you mean? Like do I think he’s some old guy in the clouds with a long ass beard?” he returned with a straight face.

“Yeah. I mean, if that’s what you really think of him, sure. I guess,” she laughed.

“No. I don’t think he’s like that. I think he’s more of a mystery than that. I think he likes to keep us guessing, you know? I think he’s a little bit of everything, so that we never get the chance to figure him out. I’m sure he cares about us because he took the time to create us and everything, but I think we’re also like toys to him. Eventually he’ll get tired of us and then kill us all off,” he smirked.

It was dark and twisted, which meant it was right up her alley. She’s never had the most traditional sense of humor.  Nothing about her was ever “traditional.” She’d always been the black sheep in her overcrowded home. She never cared enough to try and fit in with everyone else. She thought it was easier to just be herself, even if she was alone.

“So if we’re alive, we can’t be too boring,” she thought aloud. “I guess we’re worth something after all.” And at that moment, something clicked in her head. She quickly grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door. “We better not stay in one place for too long. The big guy upstairs might think we’re losing our appeal.” Just like that, their nomadic lifestyle was born.

It was a new city every day and a new state every month. From the gulf coast, up to the deserts in the midwest, and then finally along the Pacific. Every view was breathtaking and every sunset was more pink than the last. They lived out of their car, splurging on a sketchy motel every so often.

They weren’t the couple you would expect. They fought endlessly, and not in the romantic way that was just lightly laced with a tone of sexual tension. There was no chemistry when they fought. They could never see eye to eye. The only thing they had in common was their appreciation of the world. They would argue all day, but when the sun set over the red rocks, they stopped their bickering to appreciate the beauty together.

Even if you hate each other, traveling is always better when you have someone to share the beautiful moments with. That’s what they were for each other. Eventually, they learned to love each other as much as they loved the world. After watching the sun rise so many times, they began to witness that same scene in each other’s eyes. When he saw her, he saw the adventure she dragged him on all those months ago. He remembered sitting in a diner alone one second then speeding down the highway the next.

She was a mystery to him. He couldn’t figure her out. One second they were fighting, the next they were embracing each other on the edge of a cliff, cuddled in a blanket. How quickly she had become his everything. How quickly would she grow bored of him, only to leave him behind without so much as a glance in her rearview mirror?



Author: Rose Midori
Email: rosex3midori@gmail.com
Author Bio: Rose Midori is the creator behind RoseLikesRock.com, a music blog based in Houston, Texas. Her three biggest passions are music, traveling and writing. So she has combined them all into one big ball. When she’s not traipsing around the country and finding the best local bands and musicians in new towns, she’s enjoying all the cultural diversity that Houston has to offer.
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