Five Books You Could Read During Quarantine

During these times right now, this is the perfect moment to catch up with some reading. Here are the top 10 books you should be reading while in quarantine:

1. “God Save The Queens” by Kathy Iandoli

The hip hop journalist tells the story and history of female rappers and their journeys from the streets to the mic.

2. “Outliners” by Malcolm Gladwell

The renowned author writes his tale of success and what it means to have success

3. “#BlackPrivilege” by Charalamagne Tha God

The radio personality is not holding back in this book as he talks about his upbringing and how he doesn’t let his past get the best of him.

4. “Small Doses: Potent Truths For Everyday Use” by Amanda Seales

The book is named after her podcast, but she talks about issues that we could relate to such as love, relationships and mental health.

5. “Shook Ones” by Charalamagne Tha God

I know being quarantined in the house has been driving everyone crazy, but this is the one book everyone should definitely read because it is talking about mental health. During this time, I know a lot of people are feeling anxiety, but reading this book will calm your anxiety.

We are with you during these trying times and we are going to get through to this together.

by missmatia

My name is Matia and I am from Newark, NJ. I graduated from Virginia Union University with a B.A. Degree in English with a minor in communications.