Five Tips to Market Your Female Owned Businesses 

It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs have different experiences and face different challenges than male entrepreneurs. But don’t let that limit the success of your business! 

Here are 5 marketing tips for female-owned businesses that will help your business prosper.

  1. Connect with other female business owners

Women love supporting women! No one is willing to help you like a person who understands what you are experiencing. Connecting with other professionals allows you to create a network you can rely on for business advice and support. 

When you have a personal connection with someone, they are more likely to give your business or recommend your business to others. Connections are key in the world of entrepreneurship.

  1. Tell your story

Selling yourself is just as important as selling your goods/services. When a person gives you business, they are directly investing in you. This again will allow you to connect with your customers as well as inspire other female business owners.

Telling your business’ story shows your growth and shares your passion with the world. You can share this story on any channel you use to advertise: social media, your website, etc.

  1. Partner with influencers

Influencers are huge right now! Their credibility provides them the opportunity to acquire brand deals, similar to the way a star athlete may sponsor a specific sneaker, or a singer promoting the skincare line that changed their life. Influencer marketing is essentially the updated version of the testimonial but can be more effective. 

Why? influencers have clout without the same amount of celebrity, making them relatable to your average audience member. Overall, bringing an influencer in will increase brand awareness, increasing your likelihood of conducting business. It allows your audience to hear from another positive point of view, while also making the influencer’s audience aware of your goods or services.

  1. Promote with a plan

Take advantage of celebrations like International Women’s Day. Plan launches and marketing campaigns around days like this when attention will be placed on girl bosses anyway! Make sure you have a sound social media strategy that is intentional and true to your brand voice.

  1. Host and attend events

 I know that events look very different in the times of COVID, but there are always ways to get creative and interact with other business owners and customers. I have seen everything from online auctions to virtual gem shows to keep customers engaged with businesses during the quarantine!

 Female-owned businesses have the power to change the world! Make sure you are using marketing tools in the most effective manner to ensure you get the recognition you deserve. Go get ‘em, girl!

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by Paige Glidden

Paige is the female founder (+CEO!) of WHIP Communications, a boutique communications and PR firm for nonprofits and businesses. She loves sweatpants, desserts, and her beagle. Oh, and her husband, too!


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