Flashes Pieces Pictures Voices

Flashes of loud music and my friend on the couch

Everyone dancing and laughing and drunk

So drunk

You’re there and I dance with you and your stupid face and your stupid hat

My friend smiles at me from the couch

You ask if I want to get out of there and I nod through the noise

Pushing through the crowds to get out

So drunk

Back at my room maybe I offered maybe you asked I don’t know

Still wearing that stupid hat

It’s all flashes somehow you’re on top of me and clothes are on the floor 

And I don’t know what’s going on

So drunk

Pieces and pictures and voices jumbled in my brain I don’t know what order they go in

No asking just doing and I’m choking and crying and I can’t tell you to stop I am powerless God please let this end 

I’m doing it wrong you get angry

So drunk

“Do you have a condom?”

I can’t remember the answer but I know it was no but you’re on top of me anyway

Moving my body controlling my body but I’m doing it wrong you get angry

Maybe if I turn around and for some reason I do I don’t know why I’m not fighting

So tired

My eyes can’t stay open I’m doing it wrong you get angry so much yelling

I’m wrapped in a sheet on my floor and you can’t find your stupid fucking hat and you keep yelling and finally I yell back but of course you don’t listen 

Please just leave but you keep looking until finally Thank God you found it and the door slams

So tired

I wake up the next morning no clothes only a sheet with only flashes and pieces and pictures and voices 

by lindsak1

My passions in life are social justice, food, being outside, and making people smile. I write and journal to help make sense of the world.

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