For Aretha


Queen of soul

With royal respect

we say a little prayer for you

While we


Like a chain of fools

Trying to be

Do Right Women and Men

Cause we never loved

Someone the way we love you

Especially if

we were young,


And black

And Daydreaming about

A bridge over troubled waters

Or a freeway of love

Filled with amazing grace

and sweet, sweet baby

since you’ve been gone

You made us




about the weight

Of a world

Without the most

Natural woman

Lady soul


Like a spirit in the dark


An almighty fire

Through the storm

Singing the music of the soul

Like oh me, oh my

We’re loving you baby

And there ain’t no way



Author: Michelle Seabreeze
Email: michelleseabreeze@icloud.com
Author Bio: A Philadelphia, PA native, Michelle Seabreeze is a poet who has written and performed original work at the NY Fringe Festival, Inspired Word, Busboys & Poets, Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Brown University. I write poetry because it helps me translate the world.I hope I’ve written something that is either comforting, or unsettling, or both.
Link to website: http://www.michelleseabreeze.net


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