For the Love of Sisterhood

For me, sisterhood means being there for one another through the good and the bad, being honest and sincere and saying the things nobody else will. Your sisters will tell you if you’ve made a mistake and they’ll stick around to help you fix it.

I discovered my own sisterhood in college.

On the first day of school, I met Tiara. I was floored by how positive and cheerful she was. She was full of life and she gave so much of that life to everyone around her. Over the years, we’ve made silly jokes and had many movie nights, which are among my happiest memories. She has patiently listened to me as I vented my frustrations and given me so much encouragement. She is the kind of friend that no matter how long it’s been since you’ve talked, you pick up where you left off, and that means more than words can ever say. She is one of my best friends and a wonderful sister.

A year later, I met Anisa. Her inquisitive nature, diverse perspective and unusual sense of humor taught me to expand my horizons. She has helped me navigate through life’s waters, both choppy and smooth, and has supported and encouraged me. Together, we learned how to adjust to different lifestyles; we had both been homeschooled for high school and had to play catch-up with our generation later on. Learning those lessons together made the experience less painful and more of an adventure. She is another amazing person that I consider my sister.

These two women taught me what sisterhood is—what it means to be a chosen sister and how sincere and powerful it can be. They taught me to believe I can have a support system that cares about me and makes an effort to check in. Sisterhood only grows the more you get to know one another. With that in mind, I have the strength to handle whatever life throws in my direction—I have my sisters to go through it with me.

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by Kacie Lillejord

A creative Pisces with a flair for the untraditional, Kacie is an aspiring writer that's usually lost in the worlds of her characters. She has big dreams of moving to Los Angeles and joining the film and television industry. A recent graduate of The University of Arizona, she is working on creating her first blog, actively at work on her Instapoet account that features her original writing, artwork and photography and writing her first poetry book. She loves writing stories, fictional and otherwise, and spreading inspiration, entertainment, positivity and more in her written words.

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