Forgiveness is a giving word
and all starts with forgiving our own.
Forgiving our own beliefs.
Since that will give us some room to breath.
Forgiving our own personal thoughts.
That will help us untied some knots.
Forgiving own own mistakes.
Because it will tailor the heart into a better shape.
And since our own personal state
it is more important than anything we can create.
Let’s start to GIVE before we can receive.
Self love is the seed,
we need to plant to cut off the weed of greed.
Let’s start to forgive those that has departed
to start their own journey at their own pace.
Those who has left a mark without thinking it would have caused a harm.
Everyone that came into our lives to help us grow.
Everyone that has crossed our path and brought some joy.
All of those that at some point made us fall in love!
In love with the time because society made us believe we only live once.
In love with ourselves because they believe we were the change.
In love with the precious moments and the memories we had created.
In love with them because they were more beautiful than what we anticipated.
In love with LIFE because we live everyday and someday we will DIE!

by Omar

Omar has been on a path of self discovery and awareness after a life changing event that occurred in 2010. He dove into a journey of physical and mental health which has allowed him to find his passion, and to evolve into a better version of himself. Omar is passionate about learning, poetry, personal growth and applying his knowledge to ones self discovery. His calling is to serve others, to help people discover their true potential, their passion in life and encourage their journey to evolve into the best versions of themselves. Omar has been a fitness coach, helping others obtain good health and goals for 9 years. He is also a volunteer moderator, helping others with their personal journey of self discovery in Jay Shetty’s Genius Coaching Group. Omar believes that there is always more, more to learn, more to teach, more to listen and more to give.

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