Foundations of Happy

Within myself I reside,
it my safe haven from the lies.
From all the wicked webs.
And those who don’t wish me well.
I trust no other as much as I trust she.
If that’s hypocritical,
Just know that she is me.

Within myself I seek comfort,
Like a favorite pair of jeans.
So soft,
broken into it
Like a second skin,
a badge of honor.

Within myself I find truth,
if it doesn’t match yours.
I don’t know what you expect me to do.

Within myself I seek faith.
Only God can carry me this way.
No one else can help me mend.
No one else is my spiritual friend.

Within myself I seek joy.
Outside sources are fleeting.
They’re always taking never giving.

Within myself I seek peace,
The foundations of being happy.

by NicLaw

I'm a wife and mom of three. That enjoys writing poetry and novels. I have an 18 year old, a fifteen year old and a one year old. I'm going back to school for my BA in Business. I am just trying to find a good balance between being the best woman I can for my husband and children, and being my authentic self.

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