Four Letters

Hurt me till I cry

Hurt me till my tears mean nothing

Hurt me till my feelings no longer exist

Hurt me till I’m raw and exposed

Hurt me till my heart is infected with the lies you’ve told

Hurt me till love is nothing but pain

I love you so much

I hurt you so much

Four letters

Same meaning


by ToniG

At the moment I have been focusing on self-care. I am a mental health professional and it's imperative that I allow myself space to honor thoughts as well. I write and read a great deal about the power of positive affirmations, the connection between physical and mental health and women's empowerment/gender specific topics.
In regards to how writing affects my mental health, journaling is a powerful tool and safe medium for me to express and process my feelings. Whether it's bullet points, poems, manifestation lists or just freestyle - it helps me get in touch with me.


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