Poetry & Art

Four Seasons of Love

Your words are like the snow covering the ugly parts of my soul
Weighing heavy on my doubt until it falls away
Blanketing the scars from my past

Your touch is like the rain pouring over all of my weaknesses
Drowning out the negativity until it washes away
Flowing out of me like a rushing river
Your smile is like the sunshine warming my insecurities
Burning all of my uncertainty until it melts away
Reassuring me I am worthy of you
Your love is like the wind flowing through my entire being
Blowing through my disbelief until it rushes away
Wrapping me into your arms that are home
by Cassy Steenhard

Washington Native. I am an adventurer trapped in a broken shell. I love deep and loud. My pain and happiness comes out on paper. Enjoy.

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