As I sit alone in my solitude all the gold within me melts into honey. It stirs in its pot waiting to be released into the world. Waiting to show society
what I’m truly capable of
When I slip off my clothing
And I see what I am Underneath
I No longer want to crawl underneath my skin and hide between my bones or disappear into my flesh
Time has been in my essence
Now I can feel the confidence rise from my matching lace black bra and underwear
When I’m wearing sweat pants and baggy t shirts
It vibrates and brings out the golden spirit that is hidden inside of me
My body is a lovely voice singing high pitched notes like an opera or a choir
I can hear the music resonate off my skin
Each hair on my arm is a strum from the guitar that matches beautifully to the hums of my soul that go along with the drum beat of my heart
I’m even proud of the ashy parts of me
They are only the roots to my
My secret scars which are the stems to the flowers waiting to bloom underneath the sunrise glow of my complexion
They lead to the stretch marks that have planted a rose garden within my caramel chocolate skin
I looked in the mirror and said
Damn girl where have you been this whole time?
I should’ve took you out to dinner a long ass time ago!
My body is underrated
I feel like my body should be noticed more often
I feel like the ocean waves that are hidden behind the sand
I feel like a prayer that isn’t listened to all that often
I feel like a sculpture that didn’t get enough attention at the museum because the Picasso painting was much more worthy
I will no longer hide myself
I will kiss my shoulders softly and peacefully
And Treat my body like home
So nobody can cause hurricanes and wreckage within me
No negative thought shall invade my space
My body is a temple
And I and you will respect it

by Mayalove1012

Hello! My Name is Maya. I live in the city of Chicago and my favorite things to do are listen to music, read, and write poetry. I play softball and I love to take long walks with my dog in the park. I am currently in college studying to become a Journalist. I love adventures and traveling, learning about different cultures, and seeing new places. I am also a big fan of art. I don't paint or draw but I love to look at new or old art pieces. My favorite place to go is the Chicago Art Institute.

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