Your smile touches my heart
in a way stronger than
even my most favorite kiss

It tastes like something sweet and savory
all at once
Feels like being held
Like an overwhelming flood of intensity
but also safety

The feeling scares me,
my stomach plunges in the same way it
does when I am too high off of the ground

The sound of your voice in my ear
feels like freefalling
Scary in so many ways
But mostly because for the first time ever
I like the way it feels

Like maybe I should do
what scares me most
Cut the cord, release myself from that which bounds me,
tethers me to this frightened place,
and fall into you

Fall without being scared of the landing.

I want to.
I really want to.
But right now,
my head is clashing with my heart

Saying, don’t be stupid, girl
Don’t be silly.

Keep your feet on the ground and not your heart

Don’t fall, don’t fall
And maybe you won’t hurt

Right now,
I listen,
I abide,
I hurt,

But maybe,
just maybe,
One day,
I’ll learn to let myself fall

And then, I’ll learn to fly…

by chamera

I write. I read. I post pictures of books on the interwebs and I’m a dork. I love poetry and music and I believe writing is the truest form of catharsis. Follow me on IG @mirrormera92. View my published work on Amazon.com.

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