Fresh New Start

Plump cheeks and wind in her hair
off to see the world, again
for the 56th time a fresh new start,
she picks up her old life with her shoes.

The aesthetic dwindled,
it didn’t feel as good saying “he’s a writer…
that hasn’t written in years
and drinks rose on his own ’til he sleeps”

The fantasy dimmed and
infected her life, and she insists on a spotless mind,
to refresh again, live near the sea,
she knows the answer now and
knows what’s been missing;

But the sea is prone to jellyfish,
that dirty the shore and leave her
hesitant to take each step,
and the sand is heavy with sharp rocks
and isn’t as soft and white as Hawaii –

Hawaii, sounds good
as she re-buckles her shoes
and re-packs her hygge and minimalism books,
she knows she’d look great with the natural look,
board underarm in arm with a ‘surfer dude.’

But the board is heavy, and the sea
unforgivingly smacks her plump cheeks
and the salty wind stings her pores,

and the ‘surfer dude’ snores.

Author: Darcey Dugan
Email: darceydugan96@gmail.com
Author Bio: Poet from Northern Ireland.
I’m constantly being inspired by the music, art and literature around me, and I have a drive to create something as beautiful – especially through poetry where the strongest and perhaps most confusing feelings can be crafted into something tangible.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @darceyydee 


by Darcey Dugan

Darcey Dugan is a poet from Northern Ireland who lives in Dublin and has a passion for poetry, literature and music. Her drive to create poetry comes from marvelling at the words from the best poets and lyricists, and a will to craft the strongest and perhaps most confusing feelings into something tangible and beautiful.

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