My eyes are closed at this very moment and I am thinking about the limits that I have set for myself. The question really is how far do I want to go? Things are really up to us as individuals to complete the purpose of life that has been given to each and every one of us. I don’t have to make it so hard because it’s so easy. Where do we all see ourselves is basically in the mind?

Never really thought about it like this before. With all the eyes closed, it is easy to think and ponder on what really matters to us all. Are we waiting for the response of someone else to tell us its okay to move forward?

I hope not!!!

It’s really all up to us to move forward and make a change and a difference in our lives. We only get one chance at it.

Let’s us all make a difference in all what we strive for in life.

Today is a new day.



by BeautifulRosa

Hello my name is Rene' Trevillion and I am a mother of three grown children. I am 48 years old and was raise up as a kid in Lincoln Nebraska, The winter time is the most enjoyable moment of my life. I get the opportunity to drink more coffee and tea with love ones. I love reading and writing inspirational words to help me along my journey. I like creative ideas, entertaining people and bringing hope and joy to individual lives.

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