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How do I get more auditions? What’s the best way to find acting work? How do I make money acting? If I don’t get answers soon, I’m going to lose my mind!

Let me help prevent that from happening.

If you’re brand new to acting and just want to try out a few non-union jobs, the go-to website is Actors Access. Sign up for an account, add as much info as you can, and start submitting yourself to auditions. While there are other sites you can use, this is the most popular.

If you’re a more advanced actor and want “real credits” then here’s what I recommend…

Obviously, the most effective way to get acting work is to sign with a reputable agency. They will submit you for work, you’ll do well in auditions (because you’ve read my book), and start getting work. Having an agent is by far the most efficient way, but if you don’t have enough credibility for an agent to sign you, then you should start with (or re-examine) what IS in your control.

1) Are you taking any acting classes? If so, are they helping their students get work? If not, I’d consider joining a new class.

Wondering what to look for in an acting class? Read this post right now.

It might also be beneficial to ask a few mid-level agencies what types of training they take seriously. This will help save you time and money by taking only reputable classes.

2) Are your headshots perfect (and I mean PERFECT)? If you don’t have an absolutely stunning headshot then you need a new one. Hunting down a quality headshot photographer can be a pain. I personally use and love recommending Shane Russeck because he’s extremely affordable and his work is amazing! I am not affiliated with Shane either; I just love promoting great headshot photographers.


3) How many casting directors do you know and have contact with? If not many AND you are well prepared in acting you could try attending a workshop. However, attending workshops for work is controversial. Learn why here.

4) Are you keeping up with social media? If not, you should consider making it a top priority. You can gain a lot of exposure from using websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Many entertainment professionals consider the amount of people subscribed to you as a new measure of name value.

5) Is your resume up to date? Make sure it’s clean and professional. Here’s a sample acting resume:


If you have more questions about putting together a great resume for acting, go here.

6) Do you have a quality demo reel that features your talent? If not, get one. You can hire a film student, friend, or professional; just make sure it’s high quality with good lighting, sound, and that it showcases your look and talents well.

7) If you’re already auditioning, are you constantly rehearsing your scenes (especially in front of others who can critique your performance)? No? I’d consider hiring a private acting coach you trust before your big audition.

Well, there you have it. That’s my watered-down version of things you can control and that can lead you to more success.


Author: Breann Johnson
Author Bio: Breann Johnson was born in Spokane, Washington, where she began acting at the age of eight in her first stage play. Johnson stars as ‘Maddie Blanton’ in the feature film RED WING which is co-produced by Hollywood heavy hitters Ed Pressman and Terrence Malick and directed by Will Wallace. For the role, Breann received the Best Actress award at the 2014 Idyllwild International Festival Of Cinema. She stars alongside Frances Fisher, Bill Paxton, Luke Perry and newcomer Glen Powell. The story follows a young boy searching for his place in the world and the family who changes his life forever. Johnson has decided to share her vast knowledge of the business of acting, publishing her book Secrets Of Acting: What No One Tells You. She enjoys stunts, cosmetology, and the study of psychology. Johnson currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband.
Link to social media or website:

Personal: @beaniejohnson
Book: @secrectsofacting

Personal: @Breann_Johnson
Book: @actingbook


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