Getting Your Home Retirement Ready: Top Tips

Getting older isn’t something we like to think about, but as we hit our 50s, it is good to start making retirement plans. Taking stock of your home is essential, as is deciding how you will live in the property as you age and become less mobile.

Prepare For Any Eventuality

You should consider your family history to get an idea of what health concerns you may face. You should consult your doctor for advice and see if you can get any early testing for health issues that run in your family. You should also prepare for common issues associated with aging – stiff joints, arthritis and loss of hearing or vision.

Know Who To Call

You should have the contact details of reliable tradespeople on hand. It is harder for us to deal with common household emergencies as we age, so knowing who to call can ensure that issues are dealt with quickly.

Bolster Your Savings

Put aside as much as you can every month in savings. If you want to have a full and enjoyable retirement, it is crucial to have funds. You should pay off your mortgage before retirement.

Renovate Early

Make changes to your home as soon as possible to accommodate potentially limited mobility. Building works can be disruptive, and you will be able to handle them better the younger you are. You will have more funding options available as a person in full-time employment. For instance, you could get cash out mortgage refinance to fund the renovations.

Invest In High-Quality Flooring

You should lay flooring that will last into your retirement and won’t pose a trip or slip hazard. You should avoid hardwood flooring as this can cause falls. Opt for good quality carpeting, which has a better grip.

Consider A Walk-In Shower

Walk-in showers are a perfect way to prep for retirement and eliminate the step into the bath that can be dangerous as we age. You should install slip-proof flooring to a walk-in shower for added safety. You can also install grab handles throughout the bathroom, which will help if your mobility becomes limited as you age.

Choose Long Lasting Insulation

Insulation makes your home warmer and saves you money on heating bills. You should invest in high-quality insulation that will last.

Install An Alarm System

An alarm system will give you peace of mind. You should install an alarm system that allows you to contact someone outside your home if you need assistance. You should give keys to local loved ones in case you need help in an emergency.

Get The Right Lighting

Dim lighting is a trip hazard. You should install lights that provide adequate visibility throughout your home and motion-activated floodlights for gardens.

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