The Gift Charleston Gave Me

It was my first solo trip as an adult and I loved it.

I am the type of person that once an idea sprouts up in my head, it stays there until I decide to do something about it. Once the idea of driving to Charleston came about, it wasn’t long before I had the money saved up. This little escapade was going to happen one way or another.

Charleston opened up my eyes to the possibilities of someday being a travel writer. Since I was a child, traveling around the world was one of my life goals. I just didn’t know what steps to take to make this dream come true.  After reading countless travel blogs, books, and how-to articles, I came to the realization that it was time stop reading and just go.  Stop stalling – because of those little nagging fears of traveling solo – and just go.

Charleston was magical, from the quintessentially Parisian-style homes in the French Quarter (including the most beautiful pink Huguenot church in the world) to the inviting coffee shops and art galleries scattered all across downtown. It was the place where I ate in a restaurant by my lonesome self for the first time, the first time walking down unknown streets just because something caught my eye, and the first time getting chocolate and hazelnut gelato spilt all over my perfectly nice sandals.

I can never thank Charleston enough for giving me the push to step outside of my comfort zone. Because without taking that first step, I would not have fully realized my dream to travel the world.

It was the adventure of a lifetime. Now on to the next one!


Author: Tiffany Lovings
Email: Tclovings@hotmail.com
Author Bio: I’m Tiffany, 24 year-old college student living in Atlanta. I live for listening to random movie soundtracks while studying, habitually procrastinating, online shopping, and Korean food. For a college student, I spend too much time on Netflix and somehow still manage to keep a good GPA.
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by Tiffany Lovings

Tiffany is a recent college grad trying to maneuver her mind around no longer being in school. When not working, you can find her surfing the internet for inspiration for new places to travel to, such as the South of France or Thailand. Besides making travel plans for the year, she enjoys her side job of walking dogs and making all kinds of furry friends. She may or may not have future plans to own 5 dogs and a pet pig named Henry. Other interests include online shopping, trying to start a photography career, and collecting Eiffel Tower art and vinyl.

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