Gifts to Commemorate Grand Openings

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Maybe you have a friend or family member who has worked their butt off to bring their entrepreneurial dream to fruition. They have invested countless hours and capital into making it exactly right. Most likely there have been blood, sweat and tears shed to make this a reality. Finally, you get an invitation to their grand opening! You’re excited to celebrate their success with them, but what can you get them to mark such a momentous occasion? 

  1. Nothing Says CELEBRATE Like Champagne. 

While social media shows that Dom Pérignon is THE champagne that screams LOOK AT ME, choose something you can afford in your price range. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

2. Personalized Sweets. 

If the new business owner has a sweet tooth, consider ordering sweets like custom cupcakes or macarons with the company name or logo. I like these custom lollipops by A Secret Forest. They are sure to be a hit and will show the new business owner you were thoughtful enough to pre-plan for their special day.

3. Flowers or Plants.

If they aren’t allergic, live flowers or plants are a good way to commemorate their achievement. Sometimes a potted plant like a succulent, orchid, or money tree can bring luck and prosperity when it is gifted during a grand opening and kept at the location. The eventual growth of the plant is symbolic of the growth of the business and the longevity of the plant is considered auspicious. 

4. Paperweight.

Depending on the type of business, they might need desk accessories. Paperweights are useful items that people don’t normally buy for themselves. It’s possible to get the paperweight personalized to fit the theme of the company or have attributes of the business. For example: if the store uses imported Italian marble for flooring, you can have a paperweight made of the same material to stay consistent. 

5. Big Boss Pen.

If they will be signing a lot of papers at the new company they should do it with a flourish! Get them a pen that will let everyone know they’re the boss. Something understated but elegant. Mont Blanc comes to mind.

6. Custom Signage.

Light up the place with a neon sign! Depending on the company, this could really brighten up the place and lend a bit of pizzazz. 

7. Jewelry.

Depending on your relationship with the business owner, you may want to commemorate the grand opening with a necklace or a charm that will remind them about their accomplishment. You can get something generic from Pandora or Tiffany & Company but I prefer seeking independent jewelry companies that create one of a kind pieces. I like Anueva Jewelry for the nature vibes and The North Way Studio for the dreamy fairytale feel. Both offer original, one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces and will work with you to bring your vision to life. 

8. Things That Bring Luck.

Bring them some good luck in the form of sage, palo santo, and crystals! If it’s appropriate for the company brings them a statement piece to display at the location. Pyrite, emerald, and aventurine are all good choices to attract money, luck, wealth, and opportunity.

9. Coffee or Tea Cup or Travel Mug.

Get them something that they can enjoy the whole day. My favorite part of the morning at work is making my coffee and cradling the mug while I sift through emails. Choose one with an inspirational quote or prayer so they see the reminder every time they glance at the cup. It might come in handy when things get chaotic. A few of my favorite mugs are from Heath Ceramics. They are beautiful and substantial and feel so good in between your hands.

10. Things They Need.

With the expenses of opening a new business maybe they didn’t have the budget for an espresso machine or a Dyson vacuum. Find out what they most desire and surprise them with it! Trust me, they will be so grateful. There’s a lot of wants that get trimmed when budgeting needs so it will be SUCH a welcomed surprise.

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by Cordial

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