Give back,
Give thanks,
Give love,
Give & Give & Give & Give
Times like these make us all wonder,
What giant rock have we all been living under?
Time for reflection,
Stop fearing rejection.
You’re wanted,
You’re loved,
You’re one of a kind.
The love that you show
To every soul you know,
Is how you stop fear
& remember what in life is truly real.
It’s easy to hide,
Just sit and panic while inside…
But what if you went in,
& sat with all that truly is.
No work,
Bills due,
It hurts.
Except this time of being inside gives us an opportunity to rise.
Keep Family,
& Community in your head.
Give thought to the masses,
Instead of resting on our asses.
Give back how you can,
Give up all I am.

by Adelorenzo25

I believe life is all about lessons. I think we learn the most about ourselves through the experiences we encounter and that's what I like to write about. Writing for me is a way to process. A way to feel. A way to get down and dirty, and most of all, real.

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