And God Created Manolos

I’ve always been unconventionally stylish. In sixth grade I bought a fancier pajama shirt and wore it to school like it was the hottest item from the Paris runway. But, my love of fashion is often unapparent to those around me, simply because I am and have always been extremely studious.

As a business student, I have a theory that most people who meet me think I’m going to become an accountant and then die from cardiac arrest. My passions, however, cannot be expressed from behind a desk at Ernest and Young.

That being said, I’m embarrassed to admit that I like fashion. Last summer I was working as a receptionist when a co-worker asked me about my blog. She questioned in a rather condescending tone if blogging is something that I do for fun or if I actually want to work in fashion. I immediately responded that it’s just a hobby and that I know fashion is frivolous and that I have no place in the industry. But, I was lying.

I was, and sometimes continue to be, ashamed of my love of the arts and fashion. Because maybe people had a point – if I was good at math, why should my work be style focused?

I’ve slowly come to realize that part of being cultured and ‘smart’ is being creative. And those who view fashion as a minimizer of intellect are simply misguided, as some of the brightest people have shined through their artistry. Diane von Furstenberg imagined the wrap dress, Coco Chanel designed the tweed jacket, and God created Manolos.


Author: Miriam Amdur
Email: amdurmiriam@rogers.com
Author Bio: I’m an international business student, currently based in Toronto. I run my own blog called miriamamdur.com where I write about fashion and social commentary.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/miriamamdur/


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