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Goodbye to Her, Goodbye to You

It’s in silence that I leave…
Away from hidden judgment.
Away from hypocritical love.
I’ve cracked the code…
I now know what I need more of,
And it no longer consist of you.
There’s no longer a cup lingering,
Needing to me filled… by you.
You, who judges my children and I for our skin color.
You, who befriends only to compare us to each other.
You, who were the first men in my life and left me alone to discover…
What life was on my own.
What actions I can or cannot condone.
My life no longer consists of wanting…
Shallow friendships with no consistency.
Family ties with no true meaning.
I am not here to bless off your guilty-conscious.
Nor will I choose to be cautious-
With my words.
I’ll use them as swords…
To protect the woman I am now.
Who I’ve become on my own with all I’ve endured.
So goodbye to her…
Goodbye to the woman I was before.
Who, altered herself.
Who, molded herself to receive love.
From a friend-
From a father-
A significant other-
Goodbye to you…
Who, were never true.
Who, never tried to understand what I went through.
I leave you in silence with your thoughts…
And remove the access to me, boundaries you will no longer get to cross.

Goodbye to her, the victimized version of me, but most importantly, Goodbye….



After a shift in careers, love, life overall, the author dove into her love of poetry creating her writing persona, J JANID. Her author name, is a clear representation of her evolution with poetry, self-exploration, and self-reinvention. Harness magazine has been her home for 4 years now, capturing her experiences with divorce, self-love, and newfound love. Through this platform, she hopes to inspire you with her words, to strive to be the version of yourself you long to be, and show the world the you, you feel, under your skin.


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