As my coils began to wrap around one another one by one,
I notice some are directly in-tune, and moving in the same direction
while others are going their own way, wanting to separate.
For so long, I refused to hold space.
I thought there was something wrong with the way they were made
A month and a half in,
That “awkward/ugly stage “
They say you learn a lot about yourself through your loc journey.
The strands were bonded either way.
And they were much like me –
Desiring protection

Desiring grace.

by Kneiayra Caldwell-Marable

I am 21 years old. I have been writing since I was 6 years old because it was easier for me to communicate and organize everything that was going on inside my beautiful mind. I want to use this platform as a means of starting to trust myself and the gifts I have been given. I would love to begin a career in writing beautiful pieces in magazines. Creating spoken word songs and more! Im really looking forward to delving into this medium seriously as it has been sort of my life for so long.


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