Growing Apart

We walked through meadows like queens in spring,

Wandering through wet grass and tall green trees. 

We held our hands and widened our grins

As our worlds shifted and began to begin.


I thought you were my person —

The other half of my soul —

A friend sent from heaven

To make my family whole. 


I thought we would grow old together,

Catching joy like fish on a lure,

Wandering through hallways 

Staying close to each other’s ear.


You had my trust, and love and life,

But you lusted for more, finding only strife.


And when you cried, I wiped away your tear,

And when you sighed, I held you nearer.

And when life threw you aside,

I stood by your side,

And rose with you fight the good fight.


But hope is a double-edged sword,

And our love did not endure. 


You found others to take my place —

Knights to kiss your pretty face,

And land to build an empire on

With subjects willing to fall and fawn.


But even then I was proud of you,

Happy for you and the life you knew. 

I thought I would see you soon,

And we would wander through the meadows.

I didn’t know then that you had become my foe.


You stare at me now with an awful frown, 

As if you do not wear a golden crown —

As if you are not still a queen,

Beautiful and strong for the world to see! 


I am not your enemy,

So why have you betrayed me? 

Is there not enough land for multiple queens?

Is the world so full that we can’t be a team?


When did the zeal of jealousy 

Replace the grace of a true friend’s face?


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by BrendaCova

Brenda Covarrubias is a journalist, poet and freelance editor. The majority of her work has centered around news and storytelling, but she is now branching out to more creative outlets. Business inquires should be directed to brendacova22@gmail.com.


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