I’ve grown so much
I can see
You have now started walking
In your destiny
You climbed the mountain
Took a sip from the fountain
Feeling refreshed
Gave it all I mean my best
Passed all of the test
Let’s propose a toast
For growth

Have you ever really just sat and thought that the best things can’t be bought

Digging deep to plant a seed and watch it grow

Finding out about yourself more than you’ll ever know

How will you ever know if you don’t allow yourself time to grow

Know that you are not perfect

But most definitely worth it

Start at the root

Get some soil

Let that greatness continue to boil

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by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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