Guilt & Heaviness in the Times of Travel during COVID-19

We are currently living in Norway as American expats. In Norway, it’s pretty much business as usual. Yes, some protocols have changed but if you were walking the streets you would have no idea there is a worldwide pandemic going on.

When we got the assignment to move here we had grand plans to travel all over Europe but COVID-19 hit and you know how the story goes. We reset our expectations and planned a 10-day Norway road trip. This will forever be one of the best travel decisions we have ever made.

It’s hard to put into words how magnificent Norway is. We hiked Trolltunga (Troll’s tongue), bought roadside berries and cherries on the honor system, ate gas station hot dogs, went to the Northernmost winery of the world, canoed and biked on Lovatnet, fed alpacas, stayed in a dome, took a boatload of ferries and about once an hour laughed at how extra Norway is saying “OMG NORWAY YOU ARE SO PRETTY.”⁣

Despite being in this magical land, my heart still found moments of heaviness and guilt. Heaviness from missing family and a dear friend whose parents are in hospital with COVID-19 and just the worries of the unknown. ⁣Guilt from knowing our friends and family aren’t able to travel and experience joy and also that so many are struggling while we are on vacation. The amount of blessedness I was feeling was not lost on me.

I have always lived a life where I take full advantage of every opportunity I am given and I knew once COVID-19 hit and all our plans went out the window I had to stay true to this. Living abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and the only thing I will regret is going back with regrets. Even knowing this, I still found a tug between reconciling my opportunities with the guilt I felt over other’s lack of.

I am not a deeply religious person but Norway took me to church. Looking out over a beautiful lake and fjord I had this thought “If a God can create such a beautiful place, he can create healing for all of us. If a God can create such a beautiful place, he no doubt creates unique opportunities for us all. If a God can create such a beautiful place, it is our right and responsibility to cherish it.”

Every time a heaviness would come up, I would circle back to these thoughts allowing me to open up my heart to fully accept the gift of travel. I know time is fleeting, both good and bad, and I’ll continue to take advantage of every single moment.



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by HollyKrivoCoaching

I am a certified life coach who works with women to step fully into their decision of being child-free to create a bold and fulfilling life. I also work with women who are on the fence about this decision to empower them to make the decision based on what they want for their life.

My work with high achievers in sports and health care had prepared me to be an adept listener, an inquisitive observer and an agile facilitator. And because I had learned what could be accomplished through strategic planning and a dedication to demonstrable results, I brought that same approach to my coaching process.

My mission is for women to make a conscious decision on if they want to be a mom or not and to be intentional in the life they create after that decision.


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