When the words are no longer enough,
When the thoughts are lost among
The chaotic maze of a tormented mind,
Facing the shadows of the past entwined
With the voices of the present that’ll depart,
It’s time to tear the heart apart
And feed its bleeding weeping pieces
To a salivating mob of human species.
When the creeping shadows eclipse the light
You can no longer distinguish the wrong from the right.
A door that has been left ajar
Closes shut trapping you from afar.
You claw at the walls looking for a way out.
It’s pointless—you will not see the clouds,
Nor the sun, nor the sky, nor the moon;
You won’t be freed any time soon.
You don’t belong with the baying crowd
You’re alone, tightly wrapped in a shroud
Of darkness, deceit and an agonizing truth
That will inevitably be let loose
To wreak havoc on those who fear
The secret knowledge you keep dear.
Perhaps, it is time to unburden yourself:
Your confession is a guilty cry for help.

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by Nara Hodge

Nara Hodge describes herself as a lover of words who is forever in love with the sheer beauty of written word and in awe of the fiercely overwhelming power of poetry.
Nara is an award - nominated poet who writes poetry in English and Russian. She has been nominated for the Russian Literary Awards 'Poet of The Year' in two consequitive years -2017 and 2018. Twenty- two of her award-nominated Russian poetry pieces were published in the Poet of The Year 2017 nominees' poetry book. Further pieces of her poetic work have been published in the Anthology of Russian Poetry 2018.
She has collaborated with Spillwords Press where some of her most powerful poems in English have been published and successfully attracted a new wave of readership. She is currently an author at the Harness Magazine and looking forward to sharing more of poetic work here.
A believer in therapeutical writing, Nara often uses writing to express her pent-up emotions and to untangle her restless thoughts. She refers to her writing in general as Restless Reflections, which is also the title of her first poetry collection in English.
Nara has a Bachelor's degree in Philology of Russian Language & Literature and a Master's degree in English & Historical Studies.

She lives with her family in beautiful English shire near Oxford, The United Kingdom.


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