hairdryer blues
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Hairdryer Blues

Sometimes I wish that I could live in the hum of my hairdryer. It’s loud enough to obscure my ears from the deafening shriek of the world. It’s not even that I have anything particular against what goes on out there in reality, because I don’t. It just gets to be too much.

Every other word out of someone’s mouth these days speaks of catastrophe or cacophony. I can’t even listen to the radio without some political commentary, nor can I watch your basic cable-TV sitcom.

Much like this negativity, the hum of my hairdryer is relentless. It fills up my ears until all I can hear is that, and maybe the occasional bark of my dogs when they see the mailperson outside.

Sometimes I want to crawl into my closet and hide from the world. It’s so much simpler to just sit inside a dark hole with the doors shut, hiding beneath a bunch of comforting clothing, knees pulled up to my chest.

Yet I know that what waits just beyond those white accordion doors is a world that is confusing, arbitrary, beautiful, and frightening. Time won’t stop for me while I’m in there. Neither will the cacophony.

Sometimes I wish I could just be one of my dogs. They are cute, lovable, and genuine. Their only worries concern food, water, and the belly-rubs they are likely to receive for being good.

Dang, isn’t that just the high-life right there? Maybe I should just get high or drunk. Then I wouldn’t care about anything or anyone except myself. I could find someone to love and love them real good. I could spend my money like college doesn’t cost a thing. I could wake up in a bed next to a guy I just met—

Oh, but wait. Then I’d have to worry about whether someone would take advantage of me in my clocked-out state. I’m not sure it’d be worth it.

I guess I’ll go back to living in the hum of my hairdryer. I could hole up inside it forever, watching as the world passes by through my smudged mirror, through the locks of my hair, waiting for nothing instead of trying for something.

by kristinalyssa

I'm a 22 year old college student that studies Creative Writing. I love going on walks in nature, reading, writing, and watching sitcoms.

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