Happiness Is Shifting Gears

Happiness comes in the moments you learn how to shift between the gears.

When the road starts to get a little bit harder.. and a little bit taller.. and you push your foot down on the pedal picking up speed – making it quickly over the hump.

It’s when life changes and you slip through the crack just in time to see something new and experience something amazing.

Does anyone else see the people around them stuck?

Stuck with cinderblocks tied to their feet? With each year change became harder and quicksand started pulling them under.

They stopped fighting the sinking feeling and started to give into the weight of the world on their shoulders. They forgot to beam in a different direction when the trees started to shade.

Sometimes I worry about being stuck like mud.
Always reaching for tomorrow.
Always waiting to make a change.
Waiting on moments that may not come.
Waiting on epiphanies and signs from unknown persons or places.

I try to remember to be my own catalyst because if I can’t propel myself into happiness, how can someone else?

So when life starts to get heavy –
you know that feeling –
you can feel the thickness in the air.
It gets a little harder to breathe.
The fog in your head reappears.
Simple movements become tiresome
and things you once loved don’t seem as sparkly anymore.
That restless feeling, and you can’t seem to pinpoint why?

That’s change coming.
That’s the tide shifting.
That’s your sign to shift gears.

Find your happiness light
and beam it through the crack before the door closes shut.
Force yourself to make it through to the other side.

Because life and happiness are all about shifting.

Moving through the grit.

Jumping over quicksand

and never letting the cement settle.



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Ashley Drellishak



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