We All Harness an Endless Amount of Power


The ability that we each have to create the life we want to live is truly incredible…


I found out about Harness Magazine back in December when I was starting to explore my writing abilities. I was so excited to find a forum that specifically worked with females to tell our stories that matter; to have a safe space to share our tales and connect with the words of a fellow female.


& then depression happened.


I found myself in a dark space. A scary place. I look back on it now and wonder how I let this happen…


That’s how.


I allowed myself to succumb to the limiting beliefs that;

I can’t do this.

I have no talent.

My words don’t mean


How did I get from there to this?

To being someone who believes in her work so much that she’s writing an article specifically for the magazine she wants to be accepted to – knowing her other work will be shared another day.

Knowing that if I get declined,

It’s because the Universe is on my side.


I shifted my focus. I let go of fear.

I left behind thinking that failure could be real.

I am fully aware that life throws us curveballs.

That things sometimes happen in life that can completely derail our course.

What I’ve learned is this though…

That is absolutely your choice.


Life will continue on no matter what we believe.

Whether we know that life will be grand,

Or if we decide to let it fuck with our plan.


There lies the choice though.


Everyday I make the conscious decision to believe. To know that I will achieve.


For a long time, I chose the ladder.

I let life, honestly, treat me like a full bladder.

I was irritated and angry and chose doubt over power.

But now, here I sit writing,

Knowing I’ll never slip again.

Knowing that I will carry out the Universe’s master plan.

I challenge you to do the same…

Sit and think about your life.

What do you really want?

Is it to be on top?

Or is it to simply just exist..?

Because I promise that if you let go of this,

It will never again be missed.

Live life with light, positivity, and kindness.

Assured, confident, and sometimes even cocky.

You deserve the whole world…

You just have to make it Yours.


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by Adelorenzo25

I believe life is all about lessons. I think we learn the most about ourselves through the experiences we encounter and that's what I like to write about. Writing for me is a way to process. A way to feel. A way to get down and dirty, and most of all, real.

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