Have A Harness Handpicked Holiday: 10 Gift Ideas We Love


  1. Creative Kitchen Essentials | Beekeeper’s Naturals | $79.99

Give the gift of the hive and all its bee-powered benefits this holiday season! The Creative Kitchen Essentials bundle from Beekeeper’s Naturals brings the super power of the hive to the chef or superfood lover in your life. A delicious way to amp up their favorite recipes with one of nature’s sweetest health boosting solutions. You will want to eat the Cacao superfood honey straight from the jar. You’ve been warned …

Why we love Beekeeper’s Naturals …
This brand is bringing us all the amazing superfoods of the hive in simple, delicious forms while working to preserve the global bee population and protect hives across North America which is critical to promoting the availability and variance of fresh, healthy foods we love.

  1. All-in-One Yoga Mat | Supported Soul | $83

Fitness and art come together in the All-in-One Yoga Mat from Supported Soul — the ideal gift for the wellness and whole living advocate in your life this year. These beautifully designed, eco-friendly and machine washable yoga mats have a built in, super absorbent mat towel so that nothing distracts from the perfect pose.

Why we love Supported Soul …

Supported Soul was founded by a mother and her husband after her yoga practice supported her both physically and mentally during a time in her life when she struggled with postpartum depression. They started Supported Soul with the desire to motivate women to take time for themselves – to move, meditate and improve their physical and mental state.

This is a purpose Harness can truly support! Bonus, the mats are eco-friendly, and you don’t have to fuss with a mat towel anymore!

  1. Women March! 500 Piece Puzzle | eeBoo | $19.99

Gift this amazing puzzle to commemorate the Women’s March on Washington on January 21, 2017. With 500 pieces, a beautiful illustration by Jennifer Orkin Lewis and an inspirational quote from Gloria Steinem, this gift will make the whole crew want to gather round.

Why we love eeBoo …

eeBoo is a women owned and operated toy and gift company based in New York City! Not only did they create this amazing puzzle depicting the powerful and growing global women’s movement in the U.S., but these ladies are donating a portion of the profits generated by this particular puzzle to Planned Parenthood and Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN).

  1. 2019 Curation Journal | Saint Belford | $43.24

Gift them a headstart on 2019 goal setting, vision planning and mindful resolutions with the 2019 Curation Journal from Saint Belford. Curation is a Lifestyle Curator that provides it’s user with the tools needed to take charge of their life, live mindfully and become the best, most vibrant version of themself. If you are looking for a gift that helps those that you love become the designer of their life, look no further!

Why we love Saint Belford …

Saint Belford is helping people around the world to prioritize self-care and mental health through this gorgeous planner that is intended to help us create healthy habits and design the life we want to live.  Feel good bonus, Saint Belford donates a portion of their proceeds to Beyond Blue and R U Ok, two organizations that provide resources, education and information for mental health and suicide prevention.

  1. Luxury Fragrance | A.N. Other | $25 – $95

Celebrate their authenticity this year with a genderless, moodless and nameless fragrance from A.N. Other. Choose from Oriental, Woodsy, Fresh or Floral — we think OR-18 and WD-18 are perfect for winter.

Why we love A.N. Other …
A.N. Other invests in eco-sustainable ingredients and ethically sourced raw materials instead of marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements. The fragrances are free from dyes, animal products and toxins. We are also loving that they don’t define fragrance as either masculine or feminine, and instead celebrate individuality and freedom of expression through fragrance.

  1. Rainbow Heart Luna Ring | Azura Jewelry | $95

Not only is this ring from Azura Jewelry beautiful, but it is said that moonstone has healing properties to calm, balance, relax and inspire passion and creativity. Moonstone is associated with the inner goddess, while white topaz, the other gem featured in this ring carries the energy of love and truth. This year, gift the perfect crystal vibrations to offset a busy holiday season!

Why we love Azura Jewelry …
Azura Jewelry makes truly stunning and unique pieces of jewelry utilizing ethical sourcing practices, and passes 5% of their profits directly to the Women for Women International and Dress for Success in an effort to help disadvantaged women regain their confidence and reclaim independence.

  1. Meaningful Conversation | Convers(ate) | $35

Gift connection and meaningful conversation this year with a game that sparks deep conversation and encourages players to delve into topics like friendship and bravery. Convers(ate) makes the perfect gift for friends, family or co-workers.

Why we love Convers(ate) …

We could all stand to talk a little more and text a little less right? This game makes it so simple and fun to learn more about the people in our lives by sparking deeper conversation through accessible ice breakers.

8. Punjammies® | Sudara | $49 – $98

PJs are an age old holiday gifting tradition, but why not give the people that mean the world to you a snuggly pair of PJs that makes a difference to the world? These versatile and good looking pieces, can easily transition from loungewear to streetwear and with styles for men, women and kids, Punjammies make a unique and conscious gift for anyone on your list.

Why we love Sudara …

Sudara is a certified B-Corp and apparel brand that is creating living-wage jobs and providing skills training for women in India who are at a high risk or survivors of sex trafficking. The loungewear pants and robes are made by these women and provide a safe, sustainable income for her and her family so that she can fight for freedom.

9. Black Obsidian & Charcoal Face Scrub | 2nd Kind | $30

The gift of clean, fresh soft skin is never out of season. Remove negativity and rebalance energy while naturally fighting acne post holiday stress and indulgences with Black Obsidian & Charcoal Face Scrub from 2nd Kind!

Why we love 2nd Kind …

2nd Kind is a female owned business that creates Leaping Bunny Certified, natural skin care products that we feel great about putting on our faces. 2nd Kind also donates a portion of the proceeds from their crystal infused skin care collections to various charities that fight animal cruelty as well as women’s health and children’s organizations which are all near and dear to our hearts here at Harness.

  1. Wayuu Bags | Lombia + Co | $60 – $155

Help keep the art and tradition of crochet alive in Wayuu communities in La Guajira, Colombia, by gifting one of these beautiful Wayuu bags from Lombia + Co this year. Each bag is just as vibrant and unique as the lucky women receiving one of these divine bags.

Why we love Lombia + Co …

First and foremost, Wayuu bags are gorgeous to look at, but the history of Wayuu bags is rich and deeply rooted in Colombian culture. Lombia + Co is working to keep this cultural tradition and way of life alive for the women in La Guajira. Through their platform, Lombia + Co empowers indigenous women through mentorship – working directly and exclusively with female artisans in fair trade conditions, allowing female heads of household to continue supporting their families through this artform.


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