Have I loved the right love?

I once loved with a love
that was desperate and craving.
He was my whole life and my world.
But dependency uncovered his manipulation,
and besides, I was still a girl.

I once loved with a love
that was fun, wild and free.
We would laugh, and the passion ran rampant.
But as time flew along
and I changed my address,
I noticed no romance, just friendship.

I once loved with a love
filled with fire and fury,
of confusion and passion, no trust.
But time after time
as my heart lived in frenzy,
It was blatantly, simply, just lust.

I once loved with a love
filled with laughter and comfort,
good food and warm hands and that smile.
As the saddest loves go,
he was here, I was there,
and we loved for just a short while.

I loved a man once.
I could have, I think.
A friend through all of the others.
We said “yes, someday”
but Someday never came.
Brokenhearted, I search for another.

I love and I love
and every time thinking
“this is real love, I know, I can feel it!”
I don’t know if I’m wrong,
but I’m sure as hell scared
of only knowing it’s real once I leave it.

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by charlotterking

I like to read and write and better myself and make the lives of my loved ones easier and happier. My career passion is marine and wildlife conservation. I’ve been a zookeeper, teacher, water quality tester, nanny, peace corps volunteer, yoga studio worker, bartender...basically, a bunch of stuff except a writer.


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