Heart On My Sleeve

I was born with my heart outside of my body;

it bleeds and pumps and gushes.

Watching that fragile part of your body move involuntarily

is beautiful and frightening.

One simple catalyst and the blood rushes faster

and the muscle pulses quicker.

People look at my heart and think I’m weak,


a target to aim at,

a trophy to be won.

But I am stronger than one might think.

My heart is open for all to see,

its mere presence comforting,

reminding those who need reminding that

we are all human: flesh, blood, muscle;

but also made up of

love and empathy and desire.

The heart is the intersection

of body and mind,

and I will proudly wear my heart on my sleeve.

by Samantha Havela

Samantha Havela is a daydreamer, a writer, a poet, and a feminist. Because words have shaped her life, she hopes to inspire others with her own.

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