Heaven Today

Turquoise-dipped satin sky
Hot coral nails clinking on
Lexan polycarbonate 31,000 feet high
Geode layers & sno-cap mountain labyrinth
Candy-coated Murakami welcome
I saw heaven today

Golden white, honey light
Opal peace, soul suspended
Neon signs equate nervous system activated
Joy—a waterfall flow
Lilac thought, bubbles
I felt heaven today

Metallic synth beats mixed with palm trees
Golden-laced tone
Xylophone cadence percolates espresso’s origin
Disco hums in a burgundy-glazed lounge
Effervescent seafoam glide
I heard heaven today

Korean pear bitters with a light lily mist
Charred pork belly melting
On my tongue which
Warm marshmallow matcha kissed
Avocado fluff & pickled radishes
I tasted heaven today

Polished emerald sand glass on a rainbow mountaintop
Screen door spark in a desert city
Grapefruit-lacquered icy glass
Your soul, next to me
Aquamarine and mica treasures in Chicano Park
I touched heaven today

Dust-trapped memories in strangers’ book pages
Coconut water fountain with seaweed breeze
Carne asada sizzle dripped in corn shell home
Petrichor dreams, vanilla cream
I smelled heaven today

That’s heaven today.

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by Lauren Crawford

I’m Lauren Crawford & I am a Chicago-based certified holistic nutritionist & creative wellness advocate. “Without a vision, there is no hope.” I truly believe healing in creative ways inspires transformation in our mind + body + soul. We are all artists, but sometimes our vision goes dark. Through the discovery of intrinsic worth & the healing arts, I empower women experiencing creative blocks. This unlocks authenticity + resilience- allowing us to live the energetic life our Creator designed for us!


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