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They whisper…
She’s ragged, demonic,
For enraging such fear.
Why would she push away…
All of who she has near.

I hear…

They didn’t mean it…
I swear, you are held dear.
It was all done from love,
Just sit down and hear…
Us pray for you, for her.
This woman that’s standing,
Is not you…
Heavens above,
This cannot be true.
Please help her, she’s gone.
No longer withstanding.
Listen to our pleas,
Please, listen to our canting.

She must keep composure,
No matter the pain…
She must deny exposure,
Keep in the disdain.
They control her,
It’s quite insane.
No need for disclosure.
She just needs to be tamed.
There’s no room for the bold here…
She needs to be chained.

As I listened,
I opened my eyes…
I realized, my truth was my own.
And not theirs to be told.
So…I replied.

Well I’m sorry you rocked the boat
And it actually tipped over.
I’m sorry my pain enraged me,
And I no longer bend over…
To you, to your judgement,
I’m full in my power.
I express what I feel…
It will no longer devour.
My strength, my backbone…
It’s here and it won’t cower.
I’m bold and behold I may have gone sour.
No longer an undertone,
Never again a wallflower.
I will not wait for permission…
To express myself in my lour.

I broke out of your chain…
Watch out I’m on the prowl.
For every coward that told me,
I must take it and stay down.
For every person that was okay…
Was quick to play foul.
Watch out,
The Hellion is out…
No longer in denial.

by Janid

A Mother, A Veteran, A Poet, constantly reconfiguring myself & writing my experiences along the way. Writing has been an outlet for my emotions for many years now. I hope to reach you with my words, inspire you to be a better version of yourself, or help you through a tough time.

- J.Janid


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