Her Love

Her love is permanent. 



Her love is unconditional 




She loves Him with a fervor 

That is unmatched  

By any other love around. 

She speaks to Him in soft whispers 

Declaring her undying love for Him. 


Her love is undeniable 



Her love is persistent  

Seeking Him 

Every day. 


Her love is Him. 

Her strong tower 

Her light in a world of darkness. 

Her security  

In an un-secure world.


Author: Anita Smith
Email: anita.joye.smith@gmail.com
Author Bio: Writer. Editor. Wife. Mother. Lover of Jesus and God. My passion for words began at an early age. I spent hours writing in my diary, thinking of poems and stories to draft. I majored in English in undergrad and grad school and taught on both the high school and university level for several years.
Link to social media or website: Instagram @melaninwomanwriter 


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