Here’s How to Have an Unforgettable Solo Trip To Singapore

Singapore now ranks as the top safest country for solo travel, based on the Solo Travel Safety Report 2019. Travelers who opt to have their own adventure appreciates the country’s well-lit streets, efficient public transport systems, English-speaking locals, and different activities to choose from. A trip to Singapore might be what you need to curb your cravings for adventure, especially if you are not afraid to travel on your own. You can either do some retail shopping or commune with nature in the best spots in the land. You can even spend some time alone at the cozy cafes all over the country. No matter how you spend your solo trip to this southeast-Asian hub, there are many ways to have a memorable time in The Lion City.

Prepare A List Of Places To Visit

Because there are a lot of sights to see on this island city-state,  itinerary planning can get pretty overwhelming. You might find it hard to determine where to start if you want to see all the famous spots in the country. That is why you need to make a list of your must-visit attractions if you don’t want to miss anything out. One of the most noted Singaporean tourist spots includes the amazing Gardens by the Bay. Other would enjoy a trip to the colorful shops and facades at Little India or at the breathtaking Marina Bay Sands. These are a few of the places that will make you want to pack your bags, book your accommodation and travel insurance, and get the next flight to Singapore to start your solo adventure without worrying about your safety.

Join A Group Tour 

Roaming around a foreign country alone can get pretty lonely in the long run. To avoid this, you can book a Singapore city tour so you can see the country’s best spots with a group. This could also be a practical way to go around because these tours already include the top tourist spots. Companies like Klook or KKDay offer guided walking tours, which will bring you to the must-see places and local sightseeing sites. These services will take care of everything that you need for the trip such as the tickets, passes, transportation, and hotel transfers. You only need to look for a tour that fits your schedule.

Learn The Basic Rules

Singapore is also known for its severe punishments for minor crimes. These include graffiti, gum-chewing, and smoking in prohibited areas. The country also implements strict fines for violating public transportation rules. Some of them include eating and drinking and bringing durians and flammable goods inside the trains or public buses. You must also avoid shaking hands of the opposite sex. This is because traditional Singaporean Malays and Indians are not comfortable with this universal form of greetings.

A solo trip to Singapore can be a rewarding experience. It can teach you a lot of things while basking in the beauty of this Southeast Asian country. As long as you know how to keep yourself safe, this trip will be forever etched in your memory.

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