Here’s To The Brave

They say that it’s best

To live outside the box.

But all you can attest

Is the sound from inside when it locks.


To live in one

To abide by its norms.

You want out; to have won

And welcome all the storms.


You begin this new route

An exploration of the brave.

In search for your roots

You know there is not time to waste.


Hands outstretched

To a future you cannot comprehend.

Then there with you on the ledge…

A friend.


Author: Hannah Rae
Author Bio: Hannah Rae resides in New Orleans, LA and loves to love. Described as a ‘ray of light’, Hannah aims to shine wherever she may be in the moment. As Hannah continually learns about her glow, look for more to be on her horizon soon. She may not be an expert, but she sure does write a helluvalot of letters… so feel free to reach out to her for suggestions or encouragement as you begin your journey.
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