Inka Trail

Hike The Inka Trail: A Persuasion Through Photos

I recently journeyed to Peru with my mother and while we appreciated the beautiful antiquity of Cuzco and the splendor of Machu Picchu, our favorite days were spent hiking the Inka Trail between the two sites. The hike was difficult and the altitude made it even worse, but I know without a doubt that there is no place I would rather have sore muscles and aching lungs. I wanted to share these pictures as a little motivation to make the breathtaking (in more ways than one!) journey yourself. From tiny wildflowers and ancient stone stairs to baby llamas and untouched mountains, the Inka Trail is simply wondrous.

Inka Trail Inka Trail Inka Trail Inka Trail Inka Trail Inka Trail


Artist: Michela Herbert
Email: michelaherbert@gmail.com
Author Bio: I’m Michela and I’m an eighteen year old from the Bay Area, moving to New York City in the near future. My happiest moments are when I’m adventuring with friends, laying on the beach, or writing poetry.
Link to social media or website: https://www.instagram.com/mic_klemore/


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