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On the daily we allow ourselves to get frustrated at the car that pulled in front of us, furious that our coffee wasn’t as good as yesterday’s, frantic because it’s going to rain and your wash is hanging outside. We end our days letting our minds focus on the thoughts of what went wrong today, that it feels like the world is crumbling down on you and you really just want to down that bottle of wine, watch a sad movie and crawl into bed. Because life sucks, right?

Well, let me tell you this.

Life sucks a little less when you just let the car in with a little smile, when you appreciate that the barista may be having a rough day, but they still turned up for work and put that caffeine in your cup. The rain may pour down on your wash, but now it’s just extra clean.

We always let the small things in life shatter us, get us down and leave our hearts broken, which highlights the fact that the small things indeed are the most important. They are often the most significant and memorable moments of our lives, and yet we forget to appreciate them when they’re good. Let’s start celebrating the small as well as the big. The key to a happy life and mindset is not to look back on your day and appreciate it, as important as that is, but to appreciate your day as you are living it, to find the good in situations while they are happening and enjoy the presence of good while it’s in your hands.

Happiness is, and always will be, entirely up to you.


Author: Tayla Marshall
Bio: I am a young writer studying Business and Journalism in Australia.
My undying passion and drive to help others has lead me to pursuing this career in hopes to shine a light on finding happiness. My first step to achieving my goals has been creating my website (www.projecthappiness.co) which has big plans for the future, so I hope you feel a desire to go and have a look. You can also find us on Instagram at @projecthappiness.co for everyday inspiration.


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